Woman shares father’s life-saving advice after M4 horror

woman shares fathers life saving advice after m4 horror 1 - Woman shares father's life-saving advice after M4 horror

A woman has shared some potentially lifesaving advice after experiencing a tyre blowout on the motorway.

Hellen Baird was driving in lane three of the M4 westbound near Leigh Delamere services when the incident occurred.

Although she was travelling around 70mph at the time Hellen decided not to brake, remembering advice given to her by her father.

Braking after suffering a blowout, although maybe the natural reaction, can cause you to lose control of the car.

Instead you should allow the car to decelerate and gently steer to the side of the road.

A social media post by Hellen has been shared more than 79,000 times and she is keen for as many people as possible to heed her advice.

Hellen said: “It’s an important piece of information which I genuinely believe could save a life.”

Advice to avoid blowouts occurring includes avoiding potholes and not mounting kerbs.

Tyres should be inspected regularly for signs of cuts, rips and bulges.

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