Woman whose car was crushed by tree hails heroes who stopped to help

A WOMAN whose car was crushed by a tree during Storm Eunice has praised the passers-by who came to her rescue.

A large tree crashed onto her car as she drove along Kingshill Road in Dursley yesterday (Friday) morning, during high winds.

Passers-by Aaron Harris, Daryl Herbert and Ian Smith rushed to her aid before emergency services arrived at the scene.

Aaron Harris and Daryl Herbert are local firefighters, but were off duty at the time.

The woman said: “I remember I could see one of the men driving towards me when the tree hit. He got straight out to come across, he didn’t give it a second thought.

“The other man was the other side of where the tree fell. Again, he came straight out and towards me.

“I was in shock, and still am to be honest. I couldn’t open the door of the car and my first instinct was to get out and get away from the car.

“My worry was the weight and how close it was to my head that it would continue to drop.

“They were patient with me, calmed me, explained things step by step and helped assist me out of the car, stood with me until the emergency services arrived, passed over relevant information.

“One gent called my partner, who was behind me en route to work, so I was concerned he would see the car and panic.

“He reassured my partner and met him at the scene.

“Genuinely, they got me through the initial shock at the scene and the handover to the emergency services.”

The woman said she now wants to pass on a heartfelt thank you message to them.

“I just want to say thank you. I was the most scared I’ve ever been and was very aware that I was on my own in the car. Panic and shock set in immediately.

“The men that ran towards me without hesitation, the fire fighters, the lady on the crew who talked me through the process, the ambulance crew who were calm and patient with me and explained the process – just unbelievable people, every single one of them.

“I honestly can’t thank them enough for their bravery and support.”

Aaron Harris and Daryl Herbert are local firefighters, and as soon as the fire engine arrived at the incident they ran to get their kit on and joined colleagues Alex Tovey, Tom Viney, Charlotte Griffiths, Jeff Guest, Adam Butcher, Lee Halford, Sam Ferrier and Ray Kipling to continue to help with the rescue.

Aaron said: “Both myself and Daryl are firefighters and therefore trained to conduct a dynamic risk assessment, deliver first aid and act accordingly.

“We both love the community we live in and wouldn’t act in any other manner when lives are at risk or we can help.”

Many thanks to the Dursley Natters Facebook page for their post hailing the three heroes.

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