Wooden spike traps placed on cycle paths in Randwick woods

POLICE have issued a warning after a series of traps were left on woodland paths in Randwick.

Residents discovered wooden spikes and beer cans that had been cut open placed on cycle paths in Randwick Woods.

They have been left facing upwards in what appears to be a bid to injure people walking or running in the area, or to damage cyclists’ tyres.

Large holes have been dug into the ground too and covered with bushes.

An officer has warned that the traps pose a danger to “cyclists, walkers, children and animals”.

Following the discovery, Stroud PCSO Jayne Fellowes has sent out a Community Alert, saying that the traps are “incredibly dangerous to all concerned” and urging people “to be mindful of where they walk or cycle”.

In the alert, she said: “It has been brought to our attention that various hazards have been left on the cycle paths in Randwick woods over the last week or so.

“This is incredibly dangerous to all concerned, not just cyclists, but to walkers, children and animals. This is extremely dangerous and unacceptable.

“The items are wooden spikes placed in the ground, beer cans that have been cut open, and large holes dug into the ground and covered with bushes.

“These have now been removed by a good citizen.

“If anyone has seen anyone doing this, please call in and update us with a description of the people.

“All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.”

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