Work starts on schools’ new community woodland

work starts on schools new community woodland - Work starts on schools' new community woodland
work starts on schools new community woodland 2 - Work starts on schools' new community woodland

EIGHT schools in Stroud are teaming up to plant a new community woodland.

A special families day was held at the weekend, organised by a group of parents from Oakridge, the school leading the tree planting project, to help prepare the site for tree planting next week.

Mum Gill Thomas, who came up with the idea for the new wood, said: “It was a hugely positive and productive day where one felt one was doing something truly beneficial.

“The sun shone, the buzzards soared and the children laughed.

“Young and old joined together to do something that the whole community will benefit from, not to mention lots of local wildlife too.”

The children will begin to plant the trees next week

The eight schools involved in the project are: Bisley, Oakridge, Christchurch Chalford, Thrupp, Brimscombe, Rodborough, Minchinhampton and Thomas Keble.

Jobs on the family day included colour coding all the canes.

These were then placed in the ground using a tree planting plan that one of the parents from Oakridge, who is a landscape architect, drew up.

A tree will be planted at the site of each cane. Each colour correlates to a different tree species.

When the children come to plant the trees next week they will be given, for example, oak saplings, which are marked by green flagged canes. They will be asked to find a green cane and they will plant their oak next to it.

“Other jobs included creating a teaching area,” said Gill.

“Parents repurposed the wood of an old fallen ash tree to create a circular area. Old fencing was also taken down to remove any trip hazards, barbed wire was also removed, to help make the site safe.

“Our first sponsored tree also went in. It is a silver birch and the tree will be planted in memory of a little one’s nan in a few weeks.

“The whole day was a huge success.

“Children built dens, found old sheep bones, played cards, helped colour code and site the canes, ran around and generally enjoyed being together, outside in the fresh air.”

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