Wotton-under-edge parking woes

wotton under edge parking woes - Wotton-under-edge parking woes
wotton under edge parking woes 2 - Wotton-under-edge parking woes

I love Wotton-under-Edge. I love the people who live there, the businesses who ply their trade there and the strong sense of a semi-rural community. However, the kindness and consideration of the masses seems to desert some of them when it comes to parking.

When presented with a space perfect for two cars to park in, so often I see someone park right in the centre, denying the other space to anyone else. In addition there are dedicated taxi and disabled spaces outside the Co-op, however the majority of the time those who park there are neither taxis nor disabled, despite the Co-op having a dedicated car-park around the back. The real irritation however comes outside the Wotton British Takeaway where some drivers never think twice about parking on the double yellow lines outside, often when parking is available directly opposite. Recently I observed five cars parked here.

The worst of these parking misdemeanours however is reserved for some of those visiting the Lloyds cashpoint who seem to feel it is acceptable to drive and park on the pavement. I have seen several ‘near misses’ and invariably wheelchair users or pedestrians with pushchairs are forced into the road to pass these inconsiderate parkers.

If people do not feel we need reserved taxi spaces, lets deal with it through the town council. I appreciate that at times, parking in Wotton can be difficult, but invariably spaces are available a few hundred metres away. The excuse, ‘I was only going to be there a few minutes’ is simply not acceptable, that may have been the ‘few minutes’ when a disabled driver needed to park. I know some travel from outlying areas to access the services in Wotton, however the majority live within walking distance, so come on, do your bit for the environment, get a bit of exercise and leave the car at home; and where the car is essential, just park in the dedicated areas and park with more consideration to others.


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