Wynstones Steiner School legal row dropped by parents

Wynstones Steiner SchoolImage copyright Google
Image caption The school closed in January due to the damning Ofsted report

Parents of pupils at a Steiner school have dropped a legal challenge against Ofsted after a damning report led to its closure.

Wynstones School, near Gloucester, shut in January after inspectors said pupils were “at risk of serious harm”.

In a Facebook post, the parents said their legal team had advised them their case would “be very hard to fight”.

Ofsted said it co-operated in every way with the court but added its evidence was “overwhelming”.

An Ofsted spokesman said it had provided all the relevant documents in the case.

He added: “This is the second occasion on which those asserting that Ofsted is targeting the Steiner system have chosen to withdraw from legal action in the face of the evidence of poor practice.

“Once again, the challenge was crowdfunded. Ofsted’s legal fees will be reimbursed by that crowdfunding.

“Ofsted will continue to stand up for children who are not adequately safeguarded and educated, regardless of the type of school.”

‘Logistically impossible’

The Facebook post stated that parents believed the Ofsted report was “highly contestable” and that the legal team felt “we may well have grounds to challenge Ofsted’s judgements around safeguarding”.

However, parents said that because of time constraints and being unable to access restricted documents, it was “logistically impossible” to continue.

Wynstones School was closed in January after inspectors found “fundamental failings” that placed children at “risk of serious harm”.

The private school taught about 200 pupils aged between three and 19, charging up to £10,000 a year.

It teaches the principles of Rudolph Steiner, which focus on learning through creativity and imagination.

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