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Some people seem to think that by having a website, and a few social media sites attached, this alone will bring massive awareness and website hits, which in turn, they pray, will offer a massive boost to online / shop visits, sales and revenue. For those who think it’s that easy then good luck and have a great life. For those who are a little more realistic then I suggest you read on.

Many SEO and online marketing companies sell the dream but here I am going to let you know the correct process for local UK SEO, and as you can see by the above image, it works! Before you say “Yeah but you’ve been marketing your website for years” my website was actually built, designed and marketed a few weeks ago, not even that!

For local UK SEO it all starts off with ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’, period.

You can actually do SEO without Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ but without you will be missing a major building block.

The process is a mixture of ying and yang, or in laymen terms it’s all abou’t having the correct foundations in place, optimizing the structure and then building on top to gain the best results.

Below are the building blocks / structure (UK Citations, Video profiles, Social media profiles and local directories) and ‘Google My Business’ / ‘BING Places’ are the foundations. If you optimize all then the end result, in SEO terms, will be that you have maximized your SEO and your business will 100% be seen online. There’s a few other aspects such as: On-page optimization, having quality back links, your domain age, the amount of competitors you have in your local niche and sadly sometimes down to IF your product or service is what people are searching for, or want, but that’s the basics.

Over the coming week I will add links to the below tabs so you can read more. For now please read on using the ‘My Business’ and ‘Video Profile’ links below.

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