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Some people seem to think that by having a website and a few social media sites attached this alone will bring massive awareness and website hits, which in turn, they pray, will offer a massive boost to online / shop visits, sales and revenue.

According to Bloomberg though 8 out of 10 startup businesses in the UK, who probably think along the same lines, fail within the first 18 months. The reason for failure can be down to many aspects but for those who have a great product or service and want to get their Internet marketing correct the first around then I suggest you watch this little video by WMT. Just some good tips.

Many SEO and online marketing companies offer an array of on-page and off-page SEO packages, which the WMT video mentioned. Some will offer X amount of keywords that your website will rank for (Maybe) and include a few Local UK Business Directory/Citations, such as YELP, Foursqares and YELL. Other companies will also set-up between 3 and 6 social media profiles and even publish articles and maybe video’s to these profiles, and others will also offer technical SEO and Analytics audit reports on a monthly bases.

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Unfortunatly in most cases, and if you read between the lines, 90% of these services either restrict you and your business by offering X amount of hours they will work per month or they will only publish a limited amount of posts on a small amount (3/5) of social network platforms per week or month. If your reading this now then you have probably already seen many other SEO companies websites and the packages they offer, or you are actually using one of their services right now, so you will know what I am saying.

The bottom line is ‘The Traffic SEO’ also offers all the same bells and whistles such as SEO reports, on and off page SEO audits, local directory and social media account setup, keyword research and social media publishing etc but the major difference, which is massive, between ‘The Traiff SEO’ and other SEO and Internet marketing agencies is that we simply do not have any restrictions when it comes to local SEO and social media publishing. We will not setup only 4 or 5 local UK Citations or 3 to 5 social media accounts and profiles, we will create all the TOP 150+ accounts and also optimize them also. Most importantly you will take control of all your social media publishing by having the freedom publishing unlimited posts and articles on over 30+ of the TOP social media networks all from the privacy of your own secure control panel, and publish to all 24/7 with just one click.

Before the above can take place, for local UK SEO anyway, it all starts off with ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’.

You can actually do SEO without Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ but without you will be missing a major building block.

The process is a mixture of ying and yang, or in laymen terms it’s all abou’t having the correct foundations in place, optimizing the structure and then building on top to gain the best results.

Below are the building blocks / structure (UK Citations, Video profiles, Social media profiles and local directories) and ‘Google My Business’ / ‘BING Places’ are the foundations. If you optimize all then the end result, in SEO terms, will be that you have maximized your SEO and your business will 100% be seen online.

There’s a few other aspects such as: On-page optimization, having quality back links, your domain age, the amount of competitors you have in your local niche and also sadly sometimes down to IF your product or service is what people are searching for, or want, but that’s the basics.

After the basics are all set-up it’s then it’s time for on-going social media management and engagement. ‘The Traffic SEO’ offers an all-in-one social media management solution where every social marketing feature your business needs on a day to day basis. Features include: monitoring, browsing through analytic reports, responding to comments and scheduling posts, and typing and publishing new posts, articles, videos or images to the top social networks all with one click – No more logging in separately to post updates. All of these features are right here in one place.


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