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Like I wrote on the prior page “It all starts off with ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ for local SEO”
For local SEO and website marketing the fist places to claim and verify your local business to secure ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’. Why? Simply because you can manage your online presence across Google, including Search and Maps, and many, many other websites, directories and search engines use the ‘Google My Business’ page details.
Things you will need to give us to set up.
First of all if you do not have already you’ll will need a Gmail address (We can set up) or Google my business log in ID to access
Minimal items we need to set-up ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’:
  1. Business name
  2. Title
  3. Your / Owners name
  4. Full business description
  5. Category (2/3 categories can be added)
  6. Business Address
  7. Service area (Gloucestershire, Bristol, Your town, your district, your local postcodes etc)
  8. Office Hours, or 24/7
  9. Phone (Can use local, mobile or free phone numbers)
  10. Website address (Can use social media links if you do not have a website)
  11. Photos (Logo, Office interior / Exterior, team / people etc. Can also use image URLs for your website)
  12. Business opening date
How we optimize Your ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ listing
  1. We choose the most relevant, specific categories that suite your business. …
  2. Load quality, high-resolution images. …
  3. We advise to use a local telephone
  4. We make sure the telephone, address, post-code and business name matches everywhere else, including your website, social media etc.
  5. Use keywords in your description and title
  6. Encourage reviews from friends, family and business associates (See below).
There is no point in doing anything else, or any of the SEO stages, until ‘Google My Business’ (& the BING listing) is completely set-up, 100% optimized and then verified. Saying this while your ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ listing is being set-up the process of gathering all the details required for setting up the UK Citations / directory listings, newpaper directory listings, video and social media profiles.
‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ verification process: For Google, and part of the validation process, they request a post-card be sent to your business / home address. The card will have a PIN code within which we log in and verify on your business listing online. To arrive it takes around 5/6 days from the day of requesting it. Once you receive the card all you then have to do is either email or message us the PIN code. Once you business listing is verified only then can we start marketing your business.
* You can use any address for the postal address to be sent to. Once the card arrives and your business listing is verified you can then change the address and map location (Optional). Obviously we will do all this for you.
* Do not edit your business name, address, or category while you’re waiting for the post-card to arrive. If you do then the PIN code, once arrived, will not be valid!
* G+ (Google Plus) has now finished and no longer works.
* BING Places takes longer to set up or to be verified. Maybe a month. This is not an issue and you can start marketing as soon as your ‘Google My Business’ has been verified due to BING takes all relative details from your ‘Google My Business’ listing.
* During the ‘Google My Business’ set-up we will also set-up the main 3 social media sites (Face book, Twitter and Linkedin). Obviously this is optional if you already have.
Once your company ‘Google My Business’ and ‘BING Places’ listing is all set-up and verified, and you already have all the UK directories, social media, newspaper directories and video profile links all pointing to your website, and your Google My Business, then many, many more websites, directories and search engines will also pick up your local details and start to promoting your business also. Before you know it, and dependant upon your niches amount of competitors, your listing will be showing up in the search results and on Google / BING maps within a matter of weeks.
The entire SEO process is endless but for the basics it will take between 3 and 5 weeks for you to see the results. Saying this, my site (The Traffic SEO) appealed No1 on Google maps (In the search results) for a keyword search within 2 weeks, but it all depends on many factors such as: Business keyword competion online, domain age, DA / PA (Domain authority and page authority) of your website, on-page website SEO, amount of quality backlinks you already have etc.
Like we state throughout ‘The Traffic SEO’ website …“SEO is a marathon, not a sprint”

Over the coming week I will add links to the below tabs so you can read more. For now please read on using the ‘My Business’ and ‘video Profile’ links below.