UK video marketing and video SEO has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. From your video’s being seen for local busiess searches (e.g. “website design, Bristol”, or “SEO services in Gloucestershire” etc ) to appearing in organic search results all over the UK for your video’s keyword searches, if it’s done correctly.

You might have noticed that in the UK Google, BING sometimes show videos within organic search results for keyword queries.

It does not matter if the searches are for local or national searches. If the keywords are in the title, description, or even the tags, the video will show up in the results.

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Saying this it’s all about competition. If your video has masive keyword popularity from hundreds, maybe thousands of websites that are submitting videos and targeting the very same keywords then as you would expect it will be a lot harder to rank for the keywords that your video is set-up for, and therefore your video may only show up in a keyword search results on page 2, 3 or even 20th page.

Our Gloucestershire and Bristol video design, SEO and promotion package comes in 3 stages. We will 1st set-up the profiles on the TOP 20+ video sharring sites, then design a slideshow or animated video and then & submit your vedio’s to those profiles.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint

To boost your video into a better search position this is where all the other SEO methods come into place. By adding the correct directory listings, submitting video’s, posting to all your social media profiles and have all your UK directories and citation (With the correct NAP) in place, which will also in turn give your website a lot of quality backlinks, over time you will have gained enough DA/PA (Domain authority and page authority) for Google, and all other search engines, to 100% treat your website as an authoritive websites, and therefore boost your website rank, and the rank of your videos, to a higher position than your competitiors

seo is not a marathon UK - UK Video marketing and SEO
The first stage (Social profiles): There are a few things to consider here, and also depends if you already have some social networks setup. We will set-up all the video sharing social profiles but normally site owners have ‘Google My Business’, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter already setup so we will just set up the ones you do not have. Go with the flow type of thing.
The second stage (Video design): The second thing we do is design either a 15 to 60 second business or product image slideshow or animated video and make sure the video that will be uploaded to all your profiles is optimised. This basically means making sure that the video title, comments, description, website URL and tags are all added to the meta tags of the video.
After this we then manually upload the video to your social accounts and optimize it with the correct title, description, tags/keywords and relative information that is required.
There is two sides to the profile setup process. The profile side of the account and the 1st video submission, which we will submit to all your profiles.
Minimal items we need to set-up your video account profiles:
  1. New Gmail email (We will set up)
  2. Profile link to use: (i.e: Your name or business name)
  3. Registration User Name (i.e: Your name or business name)
  4. Registration User ID Password
  5. Registration Email (The Gmail we set up)
  6. Owners first name
  7. Owners last name
  8. Date Of birth
  9. Gender
  10. Profile Pic (Can be business logo)
  11. Website url (Best to use a dofollow social account like GMB)
  12. 2 Social profile urls (Face book & Twitter)
  13. Country (UK)
  14. Postcode
Minimal items we need to set-up your video
Once all the profiles are set up and verified we will then upload your first video to all your new accounts. We do this by using all the information from the video we setup on your Youtube account, but we will still need to clarify everything by requesting the below.
  1. YouTube Video URL
  2. Subject/Title
  3. Tags/keywords
  4. Category
In short that’s basically how it works and what we we need from you to get the campaign going. After this point it’s the case of repeating it from the video set-up process for each new video.
There are other ranking features that could be implemented such as having back links to the video url / page on the socials or embedding the video in Web 2.0 or WIKI articles. This is called 2nd tier back links. Saying this some socials use short-urls so it’s best to use tier 2 socials that use the full dofollow urls. We can also do this but 1st off please use the right-hand ‘Contact Us’ tab to email us and let us know what you are wishing to achieve.