Britain’s post-Brexit trade plans are behind schedule

britains post brexit trade plans are behind schedule - Britain’s post-Brexit trade plans are behind schedule

AS AN EU member Britain has 40 trade agreements with over 70 non-European countries, covering around 15% of its trade. The government aims to continue the deals after Brexit. Liam Fox, the trade secretary, has said he hopes to have them ready for “one second after midnight” on Brexit day, March 29th. But an official document leaked to the Sun shows that just six of the 40 are on track. Things could change; Dr Fox recently bagged a deal with the Faroe Islands (population: roughly that of Torquay). But well over half the deals are in serious trouble and some big ones, like Japan, are already ruled out.

This article appeared in the Britain section of the print edition under the headline “Trade plans run late”

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