Learn How Understanding Global Supply Capabilities is Helping Companies Increase Sales and Achieve Better ROI – SpendEdge

learn how understanding global supply capabilities is helping companies increase sales and achieve better roi spendedge - Learn How Understanding Global Supply Capabilities is Helping Companies Increase Sales and Achieve Better ROI – SpendEdge

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpendEdge, a well-known procurement intelligence solution provider, has announced the completion of their latest supply chain management study for a plumbing supply store. The report highlights how the lack of a robust supply chain strategy can impact supply chain management negatively. It also gives a comprehensive overview of different supply chain functions such as operations and logistics which are vital for streamlining the processes associated with supply chain management.

Despite high investment in infrastructure and the rise in disposable income offering immense opportunities, companies in the plumbing industry are facing some major roadblocks. They are facing difficulties in decreasing operational costs and streamlining supply chain management processes. Therefore, it has become crucial for companies to monitor their supply chain activities and synchronize supply with market demand to measure their global performance.

According to the procurement experts at SpendEdge, “Companies must streamline their functions such as purchasing, operations, logistics, resource management, and information overflow to improve customer relationship and minimize operational costs.”

The Business Problem: The client is a leading plumbing wholesaler in the United States with over 70 branch operations. The changing market dynamics were consistently increasing supply chain costs for the company,making it difficult for them to identify suppliers. This was also making it difficult for the client to identify and predict product demand and supply. Hence, the client wanted to leverage SpendEdge’s expertise and enhance their supply chain management efficiency by implementing new processes and policies.

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The Solution Offered: With the aid of supply chain management solutions provided by experts at SpendEdge, the client gained a holistic overview of global supply capabilities. This aided the client to identify capable suppliers and achieve supplier diversification. Furthermore, it helped the client to ensure quality and compliance across the entire supply chain and implement new processes. As a result, the plumbing supply store obtained better ROI and increased sales substantially.

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SpendEdge’s supply chain management solutions helped the client to:

  • Increase sales and achieve better ROI.
  • Gain a better understanding of global supply capabilities.
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SpendEdge’s supply chain management solutions also offered predictive insights on:

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