Website blog post SEO audit is a bit differant from a Website SEO audit because we are mainly looking for posts that basically have low quality post articles that have no, or very few clicks, impressions or session users.

Website blog post SEO audit

In the above example a website was ranking low, and mostly not even showing up in the 1st 60 results for keyword searches in Google. This in-turn lost the business money simply because the website was not being seen. For this reason we exported over 3,700 post articles from their blog and found that 3,577 of those posts did not even have any clicks or users, and in-turn these posts were being classed as a low quality pages, and bringing down the link quality of all the other pages and posts on their website.

The short of it is we then deleted all the 3,577 posts, redirected them to either the main blog, category or simular post, and then also deleted all the images that were attached to those post, which then left the blog with only articles that had clicks and freeing up a LOT of disc space on their server.

For this to work correctly your website or Blog must already be connected to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ so we can connect to it. This means we will require the login you use for GWT.


Besides doing a SEO audit on all blog posts at the same time we can evaluate each post much the same as on the website SEO audit, so you will alo have an in-depth over-view of all errors and issues also.

Here’s a full list of our audit for each website page or post by parameters

Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics parameters:

GA: Compliant Pages with or without Traffic
GSC: Compliant Pages with or without Impressions
GSC: Compliant Pages with or without Clicks
GSC: Average search position
GSC: CTR (Click through rate)

Other parameters we check for:

Links with Bad URL Format
404 Pages
Find Follow folders and files which should be NoFloow (Fix in the Robots.txt file)
Find Page 1,2,3 etc of archire, category, search and tags which should be NoFollow (Fix in the Robots.txt file)
Duplicate Descriptions
Missing or Empty Description
Long Server Response Time
Multiple Titles
Percent-Encoded URLs
Max Title Length
Emojis or Special Characters in Title
Pages or posts with short Description
Emojis or Special Characters in Description
Max H1 Length
Min Text/HTML Ratio
Canonicalized Pages
PageRank: Orphan posts / pages
Hyperlinks with Empty Anchor Text
Self-Referencing Hyperlinks
Max External Links
Internal Nofollow Links
External Nofollow Links
Bounce rate and more…

Even though the main website SEO audit can scan all blog posts for erros and issues the blog post SEO audit is a seperate service due to we have to first export all posts from your website and then edit all post urls to get a clean list. We then have to import only those post urls and scan for post quality.

If you have any type of SEO or rank issues, or feel that there’s something wrong, and have low quality posts bringing down the rank of your website, then we are here to help. Simple send us an email and let us know.

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