Get a professional website SEO audit for your online businesses. We offer comprehensive analysis & solutions for existing SEO and rank related issues.Gloucestershire website SEO audit

A website audit is a complete analysis of all the things related to your website’s performance online. If you have a website for your business then this audit report is a MUST  to get a full and detailed manual audit scan of your website gives you a deeper understanding as to the reasons why your website is not performing well online. It includes website structure, design, content, SEO edits, and along with being connected with your Google Search console (GWT) we offer insights to the amount of clicks, impressions and session users for each page or post.

There are numerous factors which can affect your website’s page loading time, security, health, user experience, and, ultimately, your online visibility and position in search engine results. It is imperative that your site runs as fast and smoothly as possible and contains high quality, search engine optimised content.


Do you want to know what problems are stopping your website from performing, and ranking well online. Is your website not ranking as well as your competitors, has your website had a sudden drop in ranking, or it’s not ranking high is the search engines? If any of these answers are ‘yes’ we can guide you to improve your e-business by providing a detailed analysis of your site, and insights on issues related to your website. Our in-depth PDF and CSV report gives you a realistic perspective on where your business is headed online and provides strategies on how you can improve your overall online business. Auditing also helps you optimise your site according to search engines, whilst keeping user experience at its best.

Some reasons why you might need a website audit

Searching for issues in website’s SEO for boosting organic traffic

Getting full site structure

Improving internal linking

In-depth SEO analytics with segmentation

Preparing for moving or redesigning the website

Checking pages for SEO compatibility (compliancy, availability, content)

Detecting and optimizing old blog posts, which don’t bring traffic (No clicks or session users etc)

Searching for issues and weak spots in website’s SEO for boosting organic traffic

Checking to find out the amount of clicks, session users and impressions each page or post has


Here’s a full list of our audit for each website page or post by parameters

Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics parameters:

GA: Compliant Pages with or without Traffic
GSC: Compliant Pages with or without Impressions
GSC: Compliant Pages with or without Clicks
GSC: Average search position
GSC: CTR (Click through rate)

Other parameters we check for:

Links with Bad URL Format
404 Pages
Find Follow folders and files which should be NoFloow (Fix in the Robots.txt file)
Find Page 1,2,3 etc of archive, category, search and tags which should be NoFollow (Fix in the Robots.txt file)
Duplicate Descriptions
Missing or Empty Description
Long Server Response Time
Multiple Titles
Percent-Encoded URLs
Max Title Length
Emojis or Special Characters in Title
Pages or posts with short Description
Emojis or Special Characters in Description
Max H1 Length
Min Text/HTML Ratio
Canonicalized Pages
PageRank: Orphan
Hyperlinks with Empty Anchor Text
Self-Referencing Hyperlinks
Max External Links
Internal Nofollow Links
External Nofollow Links
Bounce rate and more…

If you have any type of SEO or rank issues, or feel that there’s something wrong then we are here to help. Simple send us an email and let us know.

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