The Traffic SEO not only designs WordPress websites for businesses in the Gloucestershire and Bristol area but we also help to fix any issues, add new plugins and update the pages, posts and your WordPress blog to keep your website up to date, fresh and error free.

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WordPress fixes and updates

1. Updating WordPress.
This is very important, to keep your website functioning properly and safe from hackers.
2. Updating all Plugins. This is also very important for keeping your website safe from hackers and functioning properly.
3. Updating your theme.
We will advise you if your theme needs changing if it is old or out of date. Some themes become obsolete, as the developing gives up on keeping them up to date with WordPress. These themes become un-compatible with WordPress eventually and will break your website.
So we also monitor this.
4. Changing theme [if required] – depending on how big your website is, but we can usually change over the theme for approximately and extra charge.
5. Check plugins for compatibility issues.
6. Monitor plugins.
We will check that your plugins are all compatible with WordPress and will advise if they need replacing due to been very old.
Plugins will break your site, if they are not up to date with the latest version of WordPress. Some developers give up making a plugin because they are not making any money off them. Hence they become incompatible with WordPress and your website.
7. Monitor speed.
We make sure the speed of your website is around 2-3 seconds, which is dependant upon how many images, scripts and text you have on one page. We do a monthly test and will advise if the speed needs fixing

Keeping WordPress maintained
& optimised

We offer 3 options: A) Stand alone monthly package, where can be your very own remote website, hosting and server account manager. B) By contract or C)  On a job by job bases. 

The Traffic SEO offers help & support for businesses with WordPress website’s in Gloucestershire and Bristol, and remotely for the UK. It’s basically unlimited to what ‘The Traffic SEO’ can do per month for your business, within reason, and below we offer a few idea’s and options that come to mind from experiances of requests from past customers.

Installing WordPress on your domain.
Changing site colours and fonts.
Setting up your social media.
Adding sliders with images.
Increase the speed of your website.
Editing images for fast loading pages.
Installing & setting up complex plugins.
Adding a Blog, with unque design and – if requird – adding auto RSS feed from your favorette websites or local news.
Changing your theme to a new one.
Updating WordPress to keep it safe.
Updating your plugins and theme without breaking the site.
Checking for outdated plugins.
And replacing them with new ones.
Fixing broken themes, that may be causing
performance & speed issues.
Adding basic SEO to current pages.

Adding YouTube videos.
Setting up page layouts.
Making your website mobile friendly.
Setting up forms e.g. donations, customers details.
Setting up a shop with the Woocommerce plugin.
Moving your website to another web host.
Transferring a non WordPress site to WordPress.
Check your site has been set up properly in Google.
Setting up automatic backups for your website.
Adding security to prevent your website from being hacked.
Getting rid of spam comments forever.
Fixing a hacked website from a backup file.
Modify the look of your current theme using CSS code.
Creating new page layouts and more.

WordPress  Promotion

Work from home, part-time or monthly contact WordPress care: I am offering my services to any company wishing for someone to take care of their WordPress websites and marketing on a monthly or part-time basis. If ‘work from home’ this can be for companies anywhere in the UK or even abroard.

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Services includes, but not limited to: Any service mentioned on the page but also: Re-design or build new sites * social media set-up and posting * * Tier 2 link building * Update pages, posts or products * BLOG PBN set-up and posting to all sites (60+  sites) * SEO / SEM * Plugin care * Error fixing * Speed & Optimised * local UK Citations (Directories) set-up for GMB and maps marketing, and security.

To find out more, or to ask any questions, please feel free to  ‘Contact Us‘.