The Traffic SEO offers help & support for businesses with WordPress website’s in Gloucestershire and Bristol, and WordPress remotely for the UK. It’s basically unlimited to what ‘The Traffic SEO’ can do per month for your business, within reason, and below we offer a few idea’s and options that come to mind from experiences of requests from past customers.

Installing WordPress on your domain.
Changing site colours and fonts.
Setting up your Social Media.
Adding sliders with images.
Increase the speed of your website.
Editing images for fast loading pages.
Installing & setting up complex plugins.
Adding a Blog, with unique design and – if required – adding auto RSS feed from your favourite websites or local news.
Changing your theme to a new one.
Updating WordPress to keep it safe.
Updating your plugins and theme without breaking the site.
Checking for outdated plugins.
And replacing them with new ones.
Fixing broken themes, that may be causing
performance & speed issues.
Adding basic SEO to current pages.
Adding YouTube Videos.
Setting up page layouts.
Making your website mobile friendly.
Setting up forms e.g. donations, customers details.
Setting up a shop with the Woo commerce plugin.
Moving your website to another web host.
Transferring a non WordPress site to WordPress.
Check your site has been set up properly in Google.
Setting up automatic backups for your website.
Adding security to prevent your website from being hacked.
Getting rid of spam comments forever.
Fixing a hacked website from a backup file.
Modify the look of your current theme using CSS code.
Creating new page layouts and more.

TTS WordPress Care Package

Over the last few years I have helped many WordPress website owners but unfortunately some businesses either did not know how too, or forgot to login and update everything resulting in the website breaking or even worse, as with 1 of the sites I worked on, completely locked down the site preventing access, and even added backend code to the config file to prevent access to the search engines, and intern lost all rank. Pretty extreme! Luckily for them I seen the issues and fixed everything for them. Now the website is back to No1 in the search results and working fine.

I am now offering my services to any company wishing for someone to take care of their WordPress website(s) on a monthly basis. This can be for companies anywhere in the UK, or even aboard due to it is working remotely.

In most cases for small and medium sized businesses affordability is key, as long as the job gets done, so on that note I offer the below.

PRO services includes: 1. WordPress Core updates. 2.Updating all Plugins. 3. Updating your theme. 4. Site Health check. 5. Scan for security issues 6. Monitor plugins. 7. Monitor speed. 8. Uptime Monitor. 9. Free PRO members directory listing.

Cost: £39 + p/m

    • The PRO members directory offers all the normal directory features but unlike other local UK directories it offers members to be able to login and post articles, updates and events within their profiles. All articles are also auto submitted to all our 8 social media sites, our local news blog, and even all other members WP blogs (Optional) once published. The more members the more exposure and SEO your post gets. This service and the setup is free for any company who uses this PRO WordPress Care Package.
    • There is no time slots or update schedule. We simply monitor daily and update when required.
    • Required: WP admin login details. Optional: FTP user name/pass (Recommended if you want me to monitor and check inner WP config, robots and htaccess files).

    Please note:

    • WP business owners who do not wish other PRO members to post articles on their websites blog can do so. This is optional.

    To find out more, or to ask any questions, please feel free to  ‘Contact Us‘.


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